Personal Trainer Manual


We understand that most trainers don’t start their careers with an exercise science degree, so we’ve developed our education manual to be easy to follow and stimulating to read. It breaks down anatomy, physiology and specific training techniques in a way that is interesting and enlightening to any fitness enthusiast. You won’t set this manual on a shelf after you get certified, because it will work for you every day when you train your clients.

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This NFPT Personal Fitness Trainer Manual is designed to provide you with the tools that are essential to being a personal trainer. It is a complete guide for offering safe and effective fitness trainer services. You will learn the fundamental elements of health, fitness and the human body along with methodologies for putting training techniques to work for you and your clients. Goal-oriented approaches to training, complete consultation and assessment guidelines, screening forms and other professional documents for incorporating into your work are just some of what you can expect in this education manual.


19 Chapters + Complete Step-by-Step Guidelines and Professional Documents for On-boarding and Retaining Clients

Fill in the info below to get the first 3 chapters of the Personal Trainer Manual:



Understanding Human Anatomy & Physiology

Recognizing Fitness Components and Safe & Effective Uses for Goal-Oriented Training

Utilizing Step-by-Step Methods for Client Screening, Consultation, Assessment & Re-Assessment

Designing and Implementing Exercise Programming and Modifications for Progression

Using Professional Protocols and Communication Skills


Exercise Programming Recommendations

Goal-Oriented Movements & Total Sets

Results Driven Rep Range Chart

Activity Expenditure Chart

Master Food List & Dietary Advice Chart

Supplement Table

Training Log


Consultation & Client Screening Forms

Body Composition Instructions and Forms

Movement Assessment Forms

Informed Consent Document

Physician’s Release Form

Professional Liability Waiver

NFPT’s Manual offers a comprehensive step-by-step guide to training. Our emphasis is teaching & reinforcing on-the-job skill sets for safe, effective & successful personal training. NFPT Learning Outcomes are in line with the Trainer Scope of Practice:

  • Knowledge of human anatomy & the concepts of functional exercise, basic nutrition & basic exercise science
  • Design individual & group exercise programs tailored to the needs of specific clients
  • Conduct & understand the need and importance of screening & client assessment, initially & progressively
  • Execute individual fitness program design in a safe & effective way
  • Desire to help clients reach their health & fitness goals through appropriate cardio, flexibility & resistance exercise
  • Motivate others to improve their overall fitness & health
  • Maintain integrity & your own personal health & fitness

This printed Trainer Manual in hard copy also comes with a digital download. Upon purchase, you receive an email with instructions for accessing your NFPT Account to download your NFPT Personal Trainer Manual.

*the digital download of this Trainer Manual comes with your purchase of a Certification Package

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