The NFPT Personal Fitness Trainer Manual


  • Real-world: we focus on trend-free training methodologies that support the day-to-day needs of the personal trainer
  • Back-to-basics: we offer a foundational knowledge that gives you ground level experience to build on
  • Goal-oriented: every training program is not created equal. Our manual will be your resource for creating personalized training programs

For nearly 30 years, NFPT has been a leader in comprehensive fundamentals. In the words of NFPT’s Founder, Ron Clark, “you have to learn to add and subtract before you can multiply and divide.” NFPT training methodologies, and our unique approaches to learning will be refreshingly clear as you go through the education material.

NFPT’s Manual offers a comprehensive step-by-step guide to training. Our emphasis is teaching & reinforcing on-the-job skill sets for safe, effective & successful personal training. NFPT Learning Outcomes are in line with the Trainer Scope of Practice:

  • Knowledge of human anatomy & the concepts of functional exercise, basic nutrition & basic exercise science
  • Design individual & group exercise programs tailored to the needs of specific clients
  • Conduct & understand the need and importance of screening & client assessment, initially & progressively
  • Execute individual fitness program design in a safe & effective way
  • Desire to help clients reach their health & fitness goals through appropriate cardio, flexibility & resistance exercise
  • Motivate others to improve their overall fitness & health
  • Maintain integrity & your own personal health & fitness


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